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Looking Back

August 5, 2023

A man looking back at his life

Looking back on the road of my recovery.

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How Psychotherapy Works

February 1, 2023

Psychotherapist office

Seeing a psychotherapist is typically one of the first suggestions given by family and friends after someone experiences significant problems or crises. However, if a person has never been to therapy they might wonder how does it work? Is it for me? Would it be a waste of time?

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How to Recover from Addiction – Stage 2

August 5, 2022

Rumi - When will you

In this post I will continue to explain, using my clinical and personal experience, how to recover from an addiction. Today I will talk about Stage 2

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How to Recover from Addiction – Stage 1

July 10, 2022

Man in the Mirror

There is a lot written about addiction and recovery. Many people have advice to share. But something that is often lacking is a clear and complete plan of how to actually recover. In this post, I use my experience and knowledge to explain just that.

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The Addiction Spectrum

August 1, 2021

Addiction Spectrum

Viewing addiction along a spectrum is a popular alternative often used in contemporary addictions counselling. Although there are many ways of viewing addiction – and no one way is the right way – I find this spectrum to be useful in practice.

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