How Psychotherapy Works at Connections First Therapy


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The psychotherapy process at Connections First therapy works in the following manner. I usually speak with clients over the phone for 20 minutes or so (free of charge) to introduce myself and get a sense of what the presenting issues are. This is called a consult. If my skills are a good fit for you, then we can proceed to book a 1-hour therapy session.

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Connections First Assessments

Connections First Therapy works best for you when we start with a thorough assessment. It is important to focus the energy of the therapeutic alliance in a clear and effective direction. Assessments consists of an informal interview as well as formal questionnaires.

Connections First Therapies

The treatment plan includes a description of our goals, the underlying issues we need to address and the therapy we will use to be successful. I typically integrate a combination of the following therapies into my practice:

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Dialectal Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

Narrative Therapy

Family Systems Therapy

Emotion Focused Therapy

Schema Therapy

Inner Child Therapy

Sex/Gambling/Gaming Addiction Therapy using a Task-based model

Cognitive Therapy for Trauma

Group referrals and aftercare

How psychotherapy works - Groups

It is often helpful to join a therapy group or 12-step group. I can provide information and education about these types of groups. From time to time, I run therapy groups myself and with colleagues.

Groups generally catalyze the recovery process as healing from an addiction is easier to do in the company of others. Many skills needed in recovery are more easily and quickly obtained through social learning.

You are not required to attend any groups as part of your therapy journey but I will provide information about them if you are interested.

Connections First Therapy Costs

A 1-hour therapy session online is $160 + HST

There may be additional costs for assessments. These are optional.

The services of a Registered Psychotherapist are generally covered up to a certain point by your Employer’s benefit plan. Please check with them.