This is a glossary of addiction and mental health terms.

Associated Health Conditions (related to ACE questionnaire)

Associated Health Conditions for early childhood trauma

Toxic Stress Physiology

This is the body’s response to lasting and serious stress, without enough support from a caregiver. When a child doesn’t get the help he needs, his body can’t turn off the stress response normally. This lasting stress can harm a child’s body and brain and can cause chronic health problems.

Solution: While techniques vary, there are four basic components that, when combined, produce a relaxation response to toxic stress; these include a repetitive sound or phrase, a passive attitude of disregard to distraction, relaxed positioning, and a quiet environment. There are many ways to reach a state of relaxation response, and for best achievability and sustainability, the individual’s preference to technique and resources such as time and financial investment for the technique must be taken into account.